Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Home Maintenance Projects for September

Summer is nearly over and that means it’s time to get your home ready for fall! Fall is typically the last chance we have to get our homes prepared for winter while the weather is still reasonably mild. Your trusted Wichita roofing contractor can help get your roof, gutters and insulation all squared away, but here are some other things to check off your home maintenance checklist before the weather turns cold this year:

The Checklist: September home-repair and maintenance projects

With summer vacations behind us and cold weather not expected for a while, September is a great month for investing energy in home-repair and maintenance projects.

Clean the house’s exterior

Take housecleaning literally by washing down the siding. Use a soft rag or a soft-bristle brush and a hose, not a power washer. While you work, look for places where the paint needs a touch up and follow through after the siding dries.

Even if you saved some of the paint used when your house was last recoated, the touched-up spots might not match other areas that may have faded. Blend new with old by feathering out the edges of the fresh paint.

You might need to completely repaint the windowsills, which typically suffer the most rain and snow damage because the moisture collects on horizontal surfaces.

Stop splashes

While you wash down the house, keep an eye out for areas where mud has splashed onto the bottom few feet of siding. It makes a house look dirty and can lead to having to pay someone to redo the paint more frequently. Also, wood siding can rot if it stays damp for long periods.

If your siding is mud-splattered, watch during a rainstorm to see whether water is overflowing a gutter or whether the splashes are coming from rain that falls close to the house.

If gutters are the culprit and they don’t just need cleaning, call a gutter-installation company and discuss whether you should install deeper gutters or an additional downspout. If the splashes are caused directly by rain droplets, spread pea gravel a couple of inches deep alongside the foundation. The gravel will change the angle at which the droplets bounce, which will keep the siding drier. And the splashes that do occur won’t be as likely to carry mud.

Replace weatherstripping

You probably won’t notice a drafty door until the weather becomes cold. But if you wait until then to replace mangled weatherstripping, your fingers are likely to become numb in the process. So set aside a pleasant September day to do the job.

Tune up your heating system

Don’t wait until you need to turn up the heat to schedule routine maintenance. The good pros will all be too busy then. Now’s the time to arrange for a yearly tuneup of an oil or gas furnace. If you burn wood, schedule a chimney cleaning. If you have electric baseboard or wall heaters, vacuum out any lint and wipe down the grills.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How to Choose the Best Wichita Roof For You

Roofs do a lot for us; they protect us from weather and give us comfort all year-round. We only begin to notice how much our roofs do when there’s a problem. When you need a new roof for your home, reliable Wichita roofing companies can help you decide which roof is best for your needs, and here’s a guide to help you prepare:

What Type of Roof is Right for You?

If you’re inside right now, reading and relaxing in a comfortable environment, you have a roof to thank for that. Not only does it keep you from the outdoor elements, but a stylish roof can add curb appeal to your home.

Don’t overlook what’s overhead. The overall look and feel of your home depends on the condition of your roof. If it's aging or leaking, it might be time to replace and repair. There are many styles and types of roof you can upgrade to that will enhance your overall ROI. Here are a few roof types to help you decide what’s right for your home.

Roof Installation Costs

Installing a new roof on a home is not a cheap endeavor, however, it is extremely important for the overall well-being of the home. A faulty roof can lead to lasting and expensive home damage that can otherwise be avoided, such as mold issues, staining and damage to walls and ceiling.  The average cost to install a roof is $6,364, but will largely be determined by the style, material, and size of the roof.

 Shape & Size of Roof

If you’re planning on replacing or repairing, one of the first things you’ll need to do is determine the shape of roof you have. This will largely depend on the size and style of your home. Here are a few ideas of roof shape to get you started:

  • Flat Roofs: Less expensive but more difficult to maintain.
  • Gable: Triangular roof with sloping sides.
  • Gambrel or Barn: A sloping roof that looks more ridged and curved rather than triangular.
  • Hip: All four sides join to create a sloped roof.
  • Octagonal: An eight-sided roof that frames the round areas of the home.
  • Combination: A roof with two different shapes to meet the home’s shape.

Before determining the type of roofing material you’ll use, it’s best to know how much you’ll need first. It’s estimated that at least 10% of the material will be used for waste. To help plan, use our roofing calculator and estimator for your roofing project.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

How to Weatherproof your Wichita Roof

Living in the heart of tornado alley isn’t always easy. We experience a lot of severe weather here in Kansas all year round, and it’s important to know what you can do to help protect your family and your home from storm damage. Reliable Wichita roofers can always help you with roof repairs or replacements, but here’s some ways you can help weatherproof your roof before disaster strikes:

Tips on How to Weatherproof a Roof

No matter where you live in the United States, there will be times when you are going to endure harsh natural conditions, which is why waterproofing your home is important. This process begins with the roofing system.

There's probably nothing more important about a home's construction than the roof. When you get into the Midwest and the Northeast, where there's lots of snow and severe temperatures, the concern for the roof is that it will perform well under a wide range of temperatures.

There are a couple of things you can do to prevent leaking and damage from ice dams:

  1. First, insert a water repellent layer under the shingles when building your roof. Then lay de-icing cables over the shingles and loop them through the upper gutters -- and also along the roof in a zigzag pattern to cover as much of the lower roof as possible. The cable also should run down the downspouts.
  2. Lastly you'll need to insulate the attic to keep the heat in the interior of the home and help minimize temperature fluxuations on the roof.

Note: The attic is a particularly important place in most houses because it's the barrier between the outside and the ceilings of your home. This is why it's vital that there are NO leaks in the attic or the roof that can come into the interior of your home.

The roof system is also instrumental in fire protection. A significant number of homes are saved because they are made with fireproof materials. If you can, put a roof on that consists of non-flammable materials -- steel metal roof, tiles or asphalt shingles, for example.

Did You Know? Approximately 80 percent of homes that are roofed today in the new construction area are done with fiberglass shingles. Fiberglass shingles are made from a thin layer of fiberglass surrounded and coated in weathering grade asphalt. Specially designed granules are then applied to the surface of fiberglass shingles, providing fire protection and color.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How To Budget for Your Next Home Remodel

Budgeting can be a nuisance, especially when you’re remodeling a home and there’s so much to accomplish and account for. Whether its roofing, a full bathroom or kitchen remodel or a new fencing project, your family-owned Wichita roofing company can help you find the best quality home improvements for your budget. Here’s some tips on how to create the best budget for your project:

How to Create Your Home Renovation Budget

"Minor" renovation projects only happen to other people. No matter the scope of your redo, it will be a big deal because it's happening under your roof.  Beginning with a realistic budget can minimize the stress considerably. Determining what you can spend ahead of time on flooring, lighting, paint, and other goodies helps take some of the pressure off as you shop and compare. 

As you plan, get to know different ways to shape your budget and some tricks to make your dollars go further.

Think large to small. One approach to creating your renovation budget is to first understand the anticipated costs of the must-haves. "There are certain fixed costs you can't avoid," says Tricia Charbonneau, associate principal with Morgante-Wilson Architects in Evanston, Illinois. "Most people have an idea of what they have available to spend on a renovation. So start by thinking about the most expensive things you must have to complete your renovation, such as electrical work and a roof, perhaps. Then, subtract those costs from your available funds. The remaining dollars can be broken down to cover finishes and other features."

Drop an anchor. 
Another approach, says Charbonneau, is to "pick a point in space. Meaning, choose one thing you feel you absolutely want for the space, such as some gorgeous tile, and make a few selections around it, such as cabinets." This strategy, she points out, "allows you to drop an anchor, but you aren't married to anything. It's an exercise that's helpful in determining what you are dreaming about for the project and, once you understand costs, what things you may decide to compromise on."

Look ahead. When determining what you want to spend on your renovation, consider how much longer you plan to live in the house. "Is this a five-year house or a 20-year house?" Charbonneau asks. If you plan to live in the house only a few more years, make selections you like but consider spending less than you would on a house you plan to live in for many years to come. "Even if you plan to sell," she adds, "you do want the kind of quality that will entice people to buy your house. Just don't sink your nest egg into it."

Consider the neighborhood.
Never spend more on your renovation than your location can support. You don't want the most expensive house in the neighborhood so you can recoup your expenses if you decide to sell. Visit with some local realtors and check comparable sales to find out how much homes are worth in your area and what renovations and features buyers value most: Maybe media rooms are more desirable than home libraries, or perhaps a coastal location makes revamped a laundry room or sleek outdoor kitchen worthwhile.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Top Tips to Spruce up Your Basement Remodel

Finished basements can add a lot of extra character and living space to a home. Not only this, but having a beautiful basement can also dramatically increase your home’s value. As Kansas’s preferred remodeling contractor, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop for all your remodeling and Wichita roofing contractor needs. Here are some great tips to help you spruce up your basement remodeling project:


10 Basement Remodeling Tips

Enhance the value of your home and increase your living space by finishing or remodeling your basement.

1. Make a Family Room or Rec Room

Basements are ideal for casual social activities for the whole family, or just for the kids. It's the perfect spot for the big screen TV, pool table, and to stash board games and craft supplies.

Make this space inviting by finishing and decorating it like any upstairs room. Choose comfortable furnishings that can be easily rearranged to accommodate a few people or a crowd. Incorporate sound systems, internet connections, and good lighting to make the space functional.

2. Include a Bedroom and Bath

A basement bedroom and full or half bath makes an ideal suite for guests or teens.

Think about who will sleep in the basement and the amenities they'll need to help you determine the best dimensions. To comfortably fit a double bed, you'll need a room with a minimum of 125 square feet. If twin beds will serve your needs better, plan on at least 150 square feet.

Building codes also require that basement bedrooms have an emergency exit that leads directly outside, either through a door or a window.

3. Add a Kitchen or Laundry Room

A wet bar or mini kitchen in the basement makes entertaining much easier. The inclusion of a mini kitchen makes a basement with a bed and bath into an entire guest suite.

A kitchen requires access to hot and cold water, as well as electrical outlets for an undercounter refrigerator, a microwave oven, small countertop appliances, and possibly a small dishwasher or dishwasher drawer.

A laundry room is a good idea in the basement, but it needs a floor drain and access to an outside wall to vent the dryer.

4. Design an Attractive and Safe Staircase

You already have stairs to the basement, but when you're remodeling, make sure they meet code and look good. If they're not in a convenient location, consider moving them to a better spot.

Codes vary with staircase configurations and baluster shape, so you'll need to talk to the building inspector about your plans. It's also a good idea to consult an architect or other design professional for help in designing a staircase that works well with your other plans for the space.

5. Plan for Windows and Doors

Adding or enlarging basement windows and adding exterior doors are jobs for a professional, but the resulting natural light and ventilation will significantly increase your enjoyment of this living space.

To add belowground windows you'll need to dig a window well. The retaining wall for the well may be made of masonry, limestone blocks, or treated landscape timbers, as in this window well. The terraced timbers serve as pot garden perches as well as steps for an emergency exit.

6. Finish the Walls for Inviting Ambience

Foundation walls are usually made of poured concrete or stacked concrete block, materials that reinforce the feeling of the basement as a secondary space. To give the basement main-floor style, cover the concrete with your choice of materials: drywall, plywood, paneling, or paint over the concrete.

The walls in this basement living area are covered with sheets of maple-veneer plywood with stained poplar boards covering the seams to create an Arts and Crafts look.

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Friday, July 28, 2017

The Most Important Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Roof

Replacing or repairing your roof is a giant commitment, and here at Penney, we believe in making the process as easy on you as possible. From the decision-making process to the day that the project is completed and everything in between, we want to make sure you feel entirely comfortable and satisfied with the work being done. For your next roofing project, rely on trusted Wichita roofers to get the job done right. Here are a few other things to consider before you replace your roof:


5 Things to Know Before You Replace Your Roof

The roof is arguably the most important component of your house. After all, it keeps water out of the building. And while nobody likes having to pay to replace a roof, the critical and aesthetic function it serves should help ease the pain of spending $8,000 to $20,000 on the work.

For that kind of money, you want to make sure job is done right. Here's what you need to know.

1. Shop around

Some roofers don’t worry much about customer satisfaction since replacing a roof is a once-every-few-decades job, which means they don’t have to count on repeat business. Plus, many homeowners (mistakenly) choose their roofer based largely on price, and many roofing contractors hire low-wage workers so they can deliver the lowest possible bids. All of which is to say: You need to be extremely careful whom you hire. Get references from neighbors (or tradespeople or lumber yards) that you trust, and check major roofing manufacturer websites (certainteed.com, gaf.com, owenscorning.com) for lists of certified installers. Then request client references from anyone you’re considering, and check out their reputations on Angie’s List and their backgrounds on ContractorCheck, suggests Stockbridge, Mass., general contractor Jay Rhind.

2. Strip away the old

You’re permitted to have two layers of asphalt shingles on your roof, so if there’s only one in place now, you can have a new layer installed right on top. That will save you as much as $1,000 and a fair bit of mess, but it means the roofer can’t inspect and repair the decking and flashing underneath. If you live in a cold climate, stripping away the old roof allows the contractor to install ice and water shield, a rubber membrane used to prevent leaks at the eaves in the event of ice buildup. The tear-off gets a lot more complicated if you have something other than asphalt up there: If you can see original wood shingles on the underside of your roof when you’re up in the attic, you’ll need not only to tear everything off, but also to install new plywood decking, all of which likely adds $5,000 or more to your costs.

3. Go top shelf

To make sure you don’t have to worry about your roof again—and give you some selling points when you’re ready to move—go for top-quality products. That means: 50-year-shingles (shingles with the longest available warranty add just $300 to $500 to your total cost) with an “architectural” look (varying color and thickness that creates upscale character for just $250 to $750 extra). You'll also want to opt for copper flashing, the most durable metal for sealing the joints where a roof meets a wall or another roof, which might add $1,000 or more compared with aluminum.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

10 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Summer

The frost has officially melted, the flowers are in bloom, and summertime is finally here. With it comes cookouts with family at the pool, fishing and floating on the river, and, of course, home improvement projects. Penney Construction can help with all your Kansas home remodeling needs this summer , but if you're needing inspiration, check out these top projects to tackle:

Top 10 Summer Home Improvement Projects

1. Power wash

Give your walkways and home exterior a high-power shower, but follow the sprayer’s instructions to prevent damage.

2. Re-stain deck and fence

Whether you hire or DIY, protect exterior wood from the elements.

3. Replace siding

This home facelift is best suited for warmer months conducive to outdoor work.

4. Install a ceiling fan

While inexpensive, ceiling fans provide energy-efficient cooling.

5. Drain your water heater

Clear the sediment to get more hot water.

6. Remodel your kitchen

The ROI for this project averages 74 percent for major redos and nearly 83 percent for minor remodels, according to the “Cost vs Value” report published by Remodeling Magazine in 2014.


7. Build an outdoor kitchen

Outdoor living spaces provide a place to cook and entertain.

8. Initiate inspections

Get a checkup on those plumbing problems or faulty electrical.

9. Correct cracked concrete

Repair your buckling walkways and driveway.

10. Invest in new windows

Old windows can leave you feeling a draft, while new ones can cut your home energy costs in summer and winter.

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